ArtistLiam Hoffman
Title of WorkConscripted 19,548

Conscripted 19,548 is a semi-psychedelic flurry of scenes of ‘minimal moments’ between the ballot box and the battlefield. Artist Liam Hoffman uses a mix of hand-drawn, stop-motion animation and motion tracking to illustrate core conscription themes such as the ballot, getting a medical check the order to the battlefield, drawn from a ballot, a card arriving by post.

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About Liam

Liam is an audio-visual artist from Dunedin. He has a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Electronic Arts) from the Dunedin School of Art and completed his honours year in 2017. He has studied a number of disciplines including photography, videography, digital animation and film manipulation. 

Alongside more traditional works, Liam also enjoys producing experimental pieces, or in his words, “weird stuff.”