ArtistMoana Williams
TitleThree Stages
MediumInk Pen, Digitalised, Photoshop

Three Stages represents and interprets the lottery of life and death through different stages of conscription: being at home, going to war and the end of the war. One hundred years ago the word ‘lottery’ meant gambling on your life. Today it's more akin to winning prizes that might benefit your life. Key visual elements include the ballot marbles, representations of conscripted men, the women who drew the registration cards, postage stamps representing soldiers forced into war, and New Zealand and Pacific plants representing the return home. Moana's artwork medium is hand done line drawings that were digitalised to photoshop. The colour and texture were created from found materials, tea and coffee stains, red paint and watercolour, 

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About Moana 

Moana was born in Copenhagen to Danish and Cook Island Māori parents. She has been creating art since a young age, receiving school awards for painting. Today she works in illustration, painting and jewellery making, supported by working in the food industry and as a goldsmith assistant at Vilders Gallery in Wellington. Moana plans to study new media and techniques overseas, in Denmark at a højskoler where they cover a wide range of creative fields.